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With CreditHQ we provide financial insights to ensure your business is trading with the best customers & suppliers and most importantly we help you get paid on time! Know which company's financials are heading in the wrong direction, find out when someone starts paying all their suppliers late, and spot the trends ahead of time so that you can take the action needed to protect your business.

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CreditFocus has been providing credit scores and financial data since 2008 to UK small businesses who are keen to understand the risks associated with trading with other businesses. Tools for managing the debt collection process supplement the data, including the ability to send solicitor's letters requesting prompt payment.

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CreditHQ provides great peace of mind before we get involved with new customers, and makes us feel like we’re in control of our finances

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Curated Digital


We check every potential customer we come in touch with

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Krome Technologies


A well worded letter before action sent by a professional and reputable law firm has a significant impact in bring payment to the fore

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Corporate LiveWire Innovation Winner 2017
Credit Today Awards 2016 Finalist
Amazon Growing Business Award Finalist
National Business Awards Finalist
Startups Awards 2016 Finalist
UK IT Industry Awards 2016 Finalist

About us

Our aim is to help small businesses make big decisions through data and insight, and we've put together a team of product innovators and software engineers who have as their focus, the need to take sophisticated financial information and turn it into a next-generation digital tool to help businesses make good decisions about customers, suppliers and themselves. We believe that knowledge is power, so we look to provide businesses with the knowledge they need, in a language they understand, in order for them to make practical decisions within their business.

We provide data from a variety of sources and present this in ways in which businesses find useful, and which help form the best practices for running a business. We balance our product activity by keeping up to date with the latest in small business best practice and blog about it at blog.ormsbystreet.com.

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